Hi! I'm a director, animator, and entrepeneur, based in Brooklyn, NY.
Stuff I've Directed

A fun commercial for a political web startup, featuring a lot of political buttons.

Flip Flops
I directed and co-created this series for TeenNick.

MERP Music Video
For the band, Savoir Adore and the web show, $99 Music Videos. Make sure to watch the making of video to see a lot of me talking.

Get Engaged Quickly
A commercial for 10ton

Four Pig Poems
Very important anti-beat poetry animated film told with cut-out pigs.

Billy’s Browser
A nationally aired commercial for Firefox.

You never wanted to send e-cards until now


Stuff I've Animate

Drum Machine
Animated short for Sesame Street: Teaches patterns with some Tron-inspired graphics.


Forward and Backward
Animated short for Sesame Street: A cautionary tale of why you should stay off of record players.


My commercial reel is available upon request.

Stuff I Like

Best Music of 2011
I didn't like enough new stuff in 2011 for a new playlist. Maybe in 2012?


Best Music of 2010
Here's a playlist of some of my favorite tunes of 2010.


Best Music of 2009
Still here.


Best Music of 2008
Not going anywhere.


I really like hiking, camping, cycling, and a bunch of other stuff that you can find on my Flickr page.



Stuff I Do

I'm a director and producer at Cowboy Bear Ninja, a production company that makes commercials, films, and documentaries.


I’m a founder of 10ton, which focuses on entertainment for TV and the web.


I also started BigScreen LittleScreen, a bi-coastal monthly meetup dedicated to screening creative web video. In New York and Los Angeles

I’m a big online video enthusiast and frequently have public speaking engagements about it.


Tell Me Stuff

Contact me at matt *at* mattsemel.com
or follow me at Flickr, Twitter, or LinkedIn.